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Containment and Leak Detection


Thermacor Standard Components

Standard Components (SC) are typical piping components pre-insulated by Thermacor, providing a higher quality product than field-insulated alternatives without having to specify a pre-engineered system. No field insulation of fittings will be required because all joint closures shall occur at straight lengths of pipe.

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Thermacor Pre-Fab Systems

Thermacor Pre-Fab Systeems are part of a complete piping system designed and manufactured to jobsite dimensions.

Pre-Fab Systems are delivered to the job site as part of a completely pre-engineered system.

Thermacor can also offer stress analysis reports, heat loss/gain calculations, or design help for this system as well as with others. This system is the highest quality option available. The contractor has only to assemble the numbered pieces as shown on our engineered site drawing, and then field insulate the joints.

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Thermacor Pressure-Testable Joint Kits

Thermacor’s Pressure-Testable Joint Closure uses an electric-fusion wire embedded in an easy-to-install wraparound HDPE sleeve. By applying an electric current, the wire melts and fuses the surrounding sleeve and jacket together to create a guaranteed watertight seal.

Thermacor pressure-testable joint closures are tested at a recommended 5 psi, and become mechanically as strong as the HDPE jacket itself when fused properly. The pressure-testable closure guarantees integrity of the critical pipe joint connections and can be used on all HDPE jacketed systems.

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