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Thermacor HT-406 piping system

Thermacor HT-406 is an insulated piping system suitable for high temperatures and features a non-metallic casing using pressure testable joint closures. The HT-406 is the state-of-the-art solution for underground steam, condensate, hot water, and other systems where:

  • Temperature is a concern
  • BTUs need to be saved
  • Space is limited
  • Installation costs are tight, and
  • Corrosion is a worry

Thermacor’s Electro-Fusion Pressure-Testable Joint Closure is a proven and testable method to ensure the watertight integrity of the entire high-density polyethylene jacketed system. HDPE is not only one of the toughest jackets available today, but it is also the most widely used worldwide for foamed distribution systems. And because it’s non-metallic, there is no need for cathodic protection.

Our High-Temperature Polyisocyanurate Foam is the vanguard insulating material for high temperatures up to 366ºF (150 lb steam). It is 87% closed cell foam with a superior insulating K factor of 0.15 at 75ºF and 0.28 at 366ºF conforming to ASTM C518.

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Thermacor Spiral-Therm 406 insulated piping system

The Thermacor Spiral-Therm 406 metal-jacketed factory insulated piping is designed for above0-ground and tunnel piping applications. This economical, high-quality product incorporates high temperature polyisocyanurate foam within a durable protective metal jacket.

Spiral-Therm is available with aluminum or galvanized steel jackets in various sizes, wall thickness, and gauges in 20’ or 40’ lengths and is provided with a spiral lock seam, either internal or external, to satisfy design criteria. A rubber o-ring manufactured into the locking seams makes the jacket watertight. Additionally, the spiral-wound jacket provides the strength needed to allow maximum span distances for outside supports.

Spiral-Therm 406 is constructed for high temperature applications up to 366ºF. Projects requiring pipe to carry steam, hot water, hot oil, process fluids, etc., are ideally suited for Spiral-Therm 406. For projects with operating temperatures between –300ºF to 250ºF, Spiral-Therm with polyurethane foam insulation is recommended.

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Thermacor Duo-Therm 505 insulated piping system

Thermacor Duo-Therm 505 is a pre-insulated piping system providing a high-temperature, drainable, dryable, and testable conduit system.

Duo-Therm 505 is an enhanced Class “A” system because polyurethane foam and a rugged non-corrosive high density polyethylene (HDPE) jacket surround the outer steel conduit. This design not only adds insulating value to the system, but also protects the outer steel conduit from corrosion, thereby eliminating the need for cathodic protection.

A variety of insulations are available for the carrier pipe including mineral wool, fiberglass, calcium silicate, foam glass, or perlite.

Duo-Therm 505 is a conduit system designed and built to withstand the most severe and corrosive conditions that can be found in underground heat distribution systems.

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Thermacor Class "A" FBE steel pipe system

The Thermacor Class “A” steel conduit system is the most durable and economic steel system available. Class “A” Steel is an approved system under the tough Federal agency criteria and has been rigorously tested. Class “A” can handle heavy traffic/earth loads, high water tables, and corrosive soils.

Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) is a one-part, heat-curable, thermosetting powdered epoxy coating designed to provide maximum corrosion protection for pipeline systems. It is a 100-percent solids epoxy applied from the powdered state onto preheated pipe.

Our exclusive Novacoat is a two-component, self-priming, chemically cured, polyurethane, high-solids coating, designed to provide maximum durability, toughness, flexibility, and chemical resistance.

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